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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The State of 3D Computer Animation Today

With the presence of animation software along with the number of talented animators that are active nowadays, 3D computer animation is surely receiving quite a boost in today's business world.

With the capabilities of computers nowadays, any skilled animator can come up with a 3D animation piece with just a simple laptop or desktop computer along with the right software. One such software that is easy to master is Illusion Mage. Of course there exists more advanced hardware and software that can enable anyone to create tantalizing 3D animated presentations. But let's just say that today is a fresh time for 3D for many interested individuals and groups, and Illusion Mage is perfect for getting started.

3D computer animation is at the heart of many businesses today. People working in the media and advertising industry make heavy use of 3D animation. Uses which include movies, documentaries, television commercials, and cartoons.

3D animation is also useful in the engineering and architecture fields. It enables architects and engineers to render and see multiple perspectives of one image. It is useful in mathematics and science research too. It is also useful in medicine, where imaging the body is important, and in art, where artists can use their talents on a canvas beyond 2D.

3D computer animation is also increasingly becoming useful for businesses whose fields do not directly involve 3D, but nevertheless rely on the role of 3D for modern marketing. Presentations during meetings often become livelier through the use of 3D. Customers today are more enthralled with 3D presentations than with the usual 2D presentations. Business websites can also benefit from videos with three-dimensional presentations.

From the industrial, marketing, and artistic uses of 3D computer animation, we can deduce many advantages. Here they are:

3D can convey relationships that are difficult to express in words or even through normal pictures. For instance, in mathematics, some of the properties of 3D figures become less obvious when viewed in 2D. Also, in science, 3D can give us more information about, for example, molecules or movements of particles.
3D can recreate many scenes in which live re-enactment is too difficult, too expensive, or too dangerous. For instance, accidents, the functions of the human body, and the inner workings of certain instruments can be recreated through 3D. It is also useful for visualizing something that does not exist yet (or no longer exists), such as a building or a house.
3D can easily capture the attention of viewers. Such a property is useful for marketing. The sheer unusualness of 3D is considered enough for many viewers to take careful notice. Also, viewers can retain three-dimensional images in their minds more easily than they can retain two-dimensional illustrations since they are more realistic.
3D is also immensely educational. Beginning architects, for example, just move a three-dimensional image of a building back and forth without difficulty. Medical students can follow the workings of the human body easily as if they are looking at the real thing. Also, because people easily fixate on a 3D visual, they tend to become captivated and thus learn more. (The same goes for customers.)

Because 3D Computer Animation is conquering many fields of business nowadays, the time is now ripe for animators. A good, competitive but easy to use software is important, and Illusion Mage is a good example of that.

With the popularity of computer animation and the availability of software that does not cost you the earth more and more people are getting into this amazing world and learning how to use software to create all manner of things for their websites, customer websites or just for the enjoyment of doing it. If you are one of these people now is the time to start IllusionMage is a very good starting point and you can find out more at so what are you waiting for get started now with a lest expensive training program than a lot of programs out there.

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