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Friday, August 17, 2012

Easy Art Promotion Tips for Anyone!

Once you've created a beautiful piece of artwork, you want to get it noticed and possibly make a profit from selling your creation. However, it's difficult to stand out amongst the huge volume of art pieces created every day. Luckily, art promotion opportunities are available in most large cities around the globe to help you become a household name.

Art festivals are the easiest place to get your work known. They're so appealing because the artist usually just has to pay a small investment fee to set up a table within the grounds of the festival, and then will retain 100% of the profits made. For instance, take Arizona's Scottsdale Arts Festival. Any artist can apply to exhibit and sell their crafts in the festival. If selected, the artist is required to pay a fee of $450 before being able to showcase their work in front of thousands of people. Another way to promote your art is simply to visit the art galleries in a city near you. Lots of galleries post a "Call for Artists" advertisement in the local newspaper or even just in their shop windows. If you have what a gallery is looking for, it's more than likely that you could be featured in their establishment, without having to make a serious time commitment.

While there are many traditional art promotion methods to choose from, the internet is increasing in popularity with artists everywhere. We live in the "Digital Age," where, for example, an artist living in Seattle could easily get in touch with a potential buyer in Beijing. There is an endless possibility of social media sites that an artist could use to publicize their work. Creating a Facebook fan page for an artist is common, as is keeping fans posted through a blog on the a artist's progress or upcoming events (such as festivals or online articles). However, these websites only generate interest about an artist's work. If you're looking to make a profit by selling your work, there are a vast range of websites that are easy to utilize. Etsy, for instance, is an online marketplace where artists can sell handcrafted items. Products for purchase on Etsy include hundreds of decorative and functional art pieces. Getting featured on an online shop like Etsy can be a big break for a previously unknown artist.

Overall, there is a wide variety of things that an artist or craftsperson can do to get their work recognized. Get started today with some of the art promotion tips above!

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