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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Things Do When You Are Bored

1. Video games are the best cure to boredom! If you aren't already playing them, then I suggest you go out and get a gaming console for yourself, and for your family because It is a great way to bond and is extremely fun, you get to share amazing moments with each other and you will experience the innate child in yourself once again. I know that whenever I play a game by myself or with others, I feel a strong emotion of excitement and an urge to smile and laugh because of just how good I feel in that moment... and feeling good is very important, not only for your brain and overall health but also for every other area of your life! When you feel good you can become confident that something good is happening to your life in that moment, so why not do so by playing some games!

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2. Go outside and start running! If you can remember yourself as a kid, when you used to have that group of friends that you did everything with like run around the yard, play hide and seek and all the other wonderful games you used to enjoy, well now if you had to do that you would feel the exact same excitement as you did the first time you played these games as a kid... It is a feeling you will never forget no matter how old you are or incapable you may think you are, this is the type of classic good ol' fun you need to eliminate boredom.

3. Meditation - Meditation is one of the best ways to cure boredom to date for me, whenever I find myself bored and wandering around the house with nothing to do, I sit down in a nice cool calm room or maybe just outside in my backyard, Its always somewhere I know I will not be disturbed for around 30 minutes, I then begin to center my attention on myself and I just sit there doing absolutely nothing! I don't try to think of anything and I don't try to move at any moment, I just sit and clear my head and a few minutes into it I begin to feel really relaxed and happy because I am in a place of never ending fun and I'm surrounded by my mind's energy.

4. Take a up a fun new Hobby!... there are tons upon tons of different hobbies out there for all of us to take up as part of our lives, I can assure you that once you find a hobby that brings you a lot of enjoyment then you will never have a problem with finding a way to stop feeling bored! As soon as you begin doing a certain hobby it will automatically replace any other activity that you thought to be fun or enjoyable... I for one enjoy skateboarding because it is something I've been doing in my teen years and it brings me an immense amount of joy and fun into my life,You may have the desire to do something that you once enjoyed as a kid, I think that once you tap into this past time hobby you will begin to feel all the emotions you once associated with it, this is good because it ignites a fire within you to take the activity and perform it to your fullest ability.

5. The last and really powerful thing you can do with your bored self is to... start writing your thoughts down on paper! This a form of venting any problem you may be having at the moment and also releasing your most inner thoughts onto a physical document which you will cherish because of how much meaning those words have to you and how you can use them to discover certain patterns in your thinking, which is very important for anyone looking to find something to do and not feel bored ever again! It can be very emotional for you to know that you had all these amazing ideas and thoughts in your head, but you have always missed them because you never thought that they could ever work or change anything! Understand that when you feel bored it is a way of your heart telling you that you could be doing something beneficial right in that moment and reap some rewards for discovering a new way of occupying your time with something that will make you feel good! My advice is that you begin everyday by writing something in a journal, could be your thoughts on how you want your day to go, or you could be puzzled about a dream you had and you are writing to see how much of it you can remember and find out what significance it has in your life, write about anything you feel, make notes of your achievements in this journal even if it's just something small like cleaning your old store room or washing your dogs for the first time, write these things down and remember to state how you felt after doing those things, I can assure you that after taking up this habit you will begin to see some positive change in yourself.

Thank You for reading my top 5 tips on things to do when you are bored, I know that they will help you uncover something new in yourself and make your trip from boredom to fun extremely enjoyable, Oh and If you are interested In getting paid to play video games then visit

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