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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Strip Club And The Employment Opportunities For Men

Did you think that the strip club was a worthless place to look for a job as a man? While it's true that there may be fewer employment opportunities for those of the masculine sex, there are more jobs for the men then you might think. You probably aren't going to be asked to be a feature dancer anytime soon, but these establishments need more than strippers to make the place a success. Someone has to do the other jobs. It might as well be you. Here are some of the employment opportunities you may not have thought about.

Even the classiest strip club in town is going to need at least one bouncer working at all times. Regardless of how well behaved the clientele usually is and how laid-back the atmosphere, someone is eventually going to get out of line. This is simply what happens when you combine hormones, alcohol, and naked women. Being a bouncer isn't for everyone, of course. If you tend to shy away from confrontation, it might not be the job for you. If you're a tough guy when you need to be, however, you'll fit in just fine.

Working the Booth
Becoming a DJ isn't just something you jump right into, but if you have some experience with the turntables, you might find gainful employment in a strip club. Dancers can be beautiful, graceful, and athletic, but if they don't have some thumping beats behind them, they are going to look silly up on stage. The advent of portable music players and various other forms of technology has put the onus on the DJ to earn his right to keep a job. It's a lot cheaper to just make an iPod playlist, after all. If you have skills beyond pushing a button, however, there are probably some places that could use them.

A strip club without alcohol is doomed to failure before it begins. This is why clubs in cities where ordinances were passed demanding decreased nudity or loss of an alcohol license, the owners quickly caved. You might be able to find a joint somewhere that chose nudity over alcohol, but it won't be an easy search. People want to drink while they're out and management wants the money those sales bring in. As a bartender in this environment, you're going to have to compete with the girls for your share of the tips, but customers are ready to hand out their money in any case. You should do well.

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