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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Interest in Pinterest

How do we become creative? What allows our brain to think outside the box and come up with original ideas? Without ever considering myself artistic or even creative, I started asking myself this question a few years ago but had no luck in finding a real answer. It's only recently that I have been able to understand what turns an average person into a creative one... Inspiration! And thus, without even noticing it, I have slowly entered a new phase in my life where I am starting to consider myself creative. It's funny, it sounds so simple, but it is one of those things that you need to find out for yourself; having said that, inspiration is not always easy to find. Time and effort are required and even though inspiration can be found in anything most people are not willing to spend too much time looking for it. Besides, why would anyone do if a great source is just a click away. It's called Pinterest, a collection of inspiring pictures, thoughts, ideas, recipes, etc. everything on one page that has become extremely successful in a relatively short period of time.

I think Pinterest having huge success is because of its ability to transport people into a happy place. Like Disney World, it allows you to dream, and it's full of possibilities. There are all sorts of things to be discovered and all in beautiful images using an easy navigation format. This creative" happiness", makes inspiration flow and imagination emerge into fun individual originality. As Albert Einstein said "Creativity is contagious. Pass it on." That is exactly what Pinterest is doing collecting creativity and passing it on in a very visual way using high quality pictures that burst into their visitors' imagination creating a "wow" effect and allowing the mind to surprise us..

It's not only Pinterest visitors who enjoy the site. Artists get to have a great free platform and powerful marketing tool to show their work, create a "buzz", increase popularity and create/convert clientele. Also DIYers and Stay at Home Moms (dads) bloggers get to boost their following by sharing tips, encouraging recycling and embracing frugality which really hits a note with the reality of most households today. As long as they can visually inspire Pinterest followers, through the use of great photography, artist, bloggers and DIYers are sure to gain access to one of the best promotion instruments available at this moment.

Pinterest has become a source of inspiration for people who don't have the time to look around for it, and at the same time, it has proven to be a great platform for artists that actually put time and have the determination to complete their creations. Me, I'm on the "best place to be inspired" side and working hard on moving to the side of "inspiration to others." I'm aware it will take time, but in the meantime I am excited to find out what sort of new things will keep inspiring me. That's what has made Pinterest so Interesting.

Gail F. is a lifestyle blogger for that enjoys the simple things in life. She is a SAHM with two children always on the lookout for original but simple and non-time consuming ideas in decoration, crafting, gardening and cooking. She wants to experiment with photography and writing and finds blogging a great tool for putting all her passions together into one place and sharing it with the world.

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