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Friday, August 17, 2012

Haunting Thoughts

What is it about haunting melodies and catchy tunes? I turn on some pop song and it's nothing but a catchy tune with a nice beat with catchy lyrics that poison my mind and take over. And then there's techno. Techno usually doesn't even have lyrics it's just a catchy and haunting beat.

Anyway, today's post is about haunting. Not quite the ghostly kind. What is haunting? Usually you think of places where ghosts gather. Ghosts are kind of like shadows of the past. These past shadows tend to show up and stick to places. And then, people are drawn to these places.

It's strange but I've always been drawn to the unexplained mysteries. Paranormal stuff. I've always been drawn to otherworldly things. Maybe the haunting echoes of the otherworld draw me. What is an echo? Let alone an echo of the past. Everyone is drawn to the past. Get any number of people together and before long they will start talking about the past. Be it past accomplishments. Past societies. It's amazing really. How many people talk of the future? Not many at all. It's kind of strange when I stop to think about it.

One good reason for talking about the past is that the past is written in stone. It's concrete and we know it. The future can't be known because it is happening right now. That's what makes the future amazing to me. It's basically a swell of endless possibilities., but that also makes it scary.

The unknown is scary. Remember watching horror movies? The scariest part is always that you just plain don't know what's going on. Or if you do know what's going on the next thrill is always waiting for the villain to come rounding the corner. But then you go around the corner and he's not there. So maybe he's behind you?

The uncertainty of the future makes for a scary situation but it can also bring hope. Many people today are miserable and living terrible lives. What keeps them going on you ask? Hope. Hope and belief that the future will be better than their current situation. What drives this hope? Nobody knows. It's basically just a function of the human spirit and the need to go on. As humans we always need to go forward. I keep telling myself every day. Just one more step each day. Just a little more. Just keep going forward. Just keep moving forward. I live today for the sake of tomorrow. Rome wasn't built in a day and if you want to live a grand life then you need to start today.

So if the future is so grand then why do we keep looking at the past? Because the past brings the hopes and dreams that carry with us into the future. The past can strengthen our resolve to live the future. We can look at the past and see what other people have done and strive to complete it. We can also look at our own past and remember how strong we are. And that's why echoes are so important. They remind us of who we once were and who we will be.

My name Is Keith Conley. I've been playing video games for as long as I've been alive. I've also spent many years reading and analyzing literature and concepts.

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