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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey Puts Spice Back Into Couples Bedrooms

Love it or hate it, but there is no denying that Fifty Shades of Grey has made a life changing impact on popular culture. The bedroom antics of its protagonists Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey has put the spice back into the sex lives of couples all around the world. What has been the secret of the success behind E.L. James's bestselling erotic trilogy? Well, one ancient old rule certainly helps - sex sells. While mainstream pornography usually caters specifically to men, erotic novels have often addressed women's needs more, meaning that while women will probably not watch porn, they will read erotica. Despite the books' steamy content, there is a lot of build up between Anastasia and Christian for at least 80 pages before the clothes get ripped off. The sexual tension is what gets everyone wanting more, and Ana's virginity just adds to it all.

What Fifty Shades of Grey has done is brought erotica into the mainstream and it's now OK for women to read about sex and be open about their desires and their sexuality. It's this openness that' making more and more couples get a little more experimental in the bedroom. More and more couples are willing to experiment with bondage, sadomasochism and sex toys since Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey entered the red room of pain. Many couples have credited the Fifty Shades of Grey books for bringing the passion back into their marriages that has died since kids and familiarity. There has even been an alleged baby boom thanks to the books' inspiration to get couples back into the bedroom.

One nice thing about erotic literature, when compared to pornography, is that the action happens entirely in the readers' minds. Anastasia may go through some heavy-duty flogging, which in a porn movie would probably be uncomfortable to watch. But since all the action happens on the page, we can enjoy this kind of explicit scenes knowing that no-one is getting hurt or exploited to create titillation. We get to see the tale from Anastasia's point of view - she's a person with her own thoughts and feelings and not once is reduced to a sexual object. Fifty Shades of Grey offers a clean alternative of erotic stimulation without the need to dehumanize anyone in the way that mainstream pornography does. So regardless of the literary merit of the books, Anastasia and Christian are helping women to discover their own sexuality and equips them with inspiration to do so.

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