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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Angelina Jolie Wants a Role In The Fifty Shades Movies

Hollywood femme-fatal Angelina Jolie is hardly who we think of when the discussion comes up about the casting for the role of Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey movies. Anastasia Steele is a shy, 21-year-old college student who also happens to be a virgin. Not exactly a part made for the 39-year-old sex goddess. Angelina Jolie's name has been floating around the Fifty Shades of Grey rumour mill, from allegations that she'll be directing the movie herself to playing a part in it. One thing we can be sure of is that Angelina definitely wants to be involved in the project. She's been quoted to say that she'd "love a part" in the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, and has been spotted reading the book on the set of her latest film Maleficent. Angelina Jolie has a lot of experience with success and already knows the movie is "bound to be a huge hit."

Casting a mature and worldly actress like Ms. Jolie in the part of Ana would certainly be controversial casting, but it's probably unlikely that Angelina would be cast as virginal Ms. Steele. One character that might suit Angelina would be the role of "Mrs. Robinson," the sexy and older lady who corrupted and seduced a very young Christian Grey. At the moment, the role of Anastasia Steele is still uncertain. Universal Pictures and Focus Features have acquired to rights to the books, and Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti from The Social Network are on board to produce the movie, but so far considerations being made about who'll write the screenplay and direct the movie rather than on casting. However, plenty of actresses want in on the Fifty Shades franchise. Many fans too have their own idea of Anastasia Steele and the Internet is rife with discussion as to who'll play Christian Grey's other half. Actresses who are candidates for the role include Kristen Stewart of the Twilight series, Lily Collins, Alexis Bledel, Nina Dobrev, Amanda Seyfried and Emilia Clarke from A Game of Thrones. Scarlett Johansson is another actress whose name has come up in association with the movie, and while her big name can't hurt the box office sales, she might be a little too worldly in the part of the clumsy, innocent girl who is drawn into Christian Grey's red room of pain. It's also more likely an unknown or less-well known actress will get the part. Right now it's a matter of wait and see!

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