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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Is a Strip Club Bachelor Party Appropriate?

If you're deep in preparation to get married, your friends (or those of your fiancée) are probably planning a bachelor party. And if you're reading this article, the prospect of planning it around a visit to a strip club has at least been thrown out there as a suggestion. Different couples are bound to see this in their own ways. Some couples have no problem at all. They treat a visit to such an establishment as being no different than going to see a movie with nudity in it. Others see it as cheating, full stop. The issue of its appropriateness is therefore difficult to pin down, but here's a look at some of the issues.

Going Out With the Guys

Let's face it: even this is enough to set some women off. This isn't intended to be an attack on women, either. There are plenty of men out there who are possessive enough to put an end to "girl's night out". This article just happens to be from the other point of view. Truth be told, if your significant other's problem with a night at the strip club is primarily centered around the fact that you won't be home with her, you may have a problem brewing. This is something you should have a serious discussion about before you go further down the road to matrimony.

The Last Night of Freedom

The reason the strip club is a frequent favorite for bachelor parties is due to this notion of, "Oh, enjoy it now, because this is your last night of freedom, bro." Let's get serious here. Your last night of freedom was a long time ago. If you're in a relationship serious enough to walk down the aisle in a day or two, any indiscretions will be just as damaging now as they will be in a week. While it's okay to go out with this fantasy of "the last free night", don't let it get into your head or you could be asking for trouble.


This is where you have to be careful, even if your fiancée is fine with you enjoying a night at the strip club for your bachelor party. If your friends aren't completely worthless, they're probably going to buy you a lap dance or two. It's up to you to set the boundaries. If you're going to a classy place, you won't have to worry about things getting completely out of hand. If you're going to some shady dive, who knows? Don't do anything you wouldn't want your fiancée to hear about later.

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