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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fifty Shades Books Cause Baby Boom

The names Jacob and Sofia may be the most popular baby names in the US, but will that change in nine months time to Christian and Anastasia in light of the phenomenon that is the Fifty Shades of Grey series? The bestselling erotic trilogy has got everyone talking and all of a sudden it's become socially acceptable for us to read steamy books in public. But what are the side effects of such naughty material? Mothers and expecting mothers say Fifty Shades of Grey are to blame for their pregnancies. The steamy series featuring the bedroom actions between dominant CEO Christian Grey and the innocent and virginal college girl Anastasia Steele has inspired many women to get back in the bedroom for some Fifty Shades style of action.Women all over the States have taken a cue from our kinky protagonists to heat things up in the bedroom a bit. On first impression, citing that the Fifty Shades books are causing an increased number of pregnancies may seem absurd on first impression, but many expecting mothers are swearing by it.

One such stay-at-home-mom from Virginia is expecting her next child in February. While her military husband was away, she read the book in his absence, which had left her with many ideas she wanted to try out on him when he came home. A Chicago based mother of five also has another baby on the way - after Fifty Shades inspired steamy night in Florida with her partner. "We went out for dinner," says the nurse, "you know, a little wine, a little stone crab and a little Christian Grey." Other women thank the books for igniting their lost flames in their marriages. Ashley Nealy, who has a one-year-old son and lives in North Carolina, found she had lost her passion with her fiancé after the birth of their child. After reading the book depicting the kinky affair between Anastasia and Christian, Ms. Nealy managed to find that lost passion predating their first child. This goes beyond single anecdotes, a large online community for mothers and expecting moms cites that nearly 150 women have been posting about their Fifty Shades inspired pregnancies.

Fifty Shades of Grey is not just a book that is flying off the bestselling lists, but one that is having an effect on society. Women are more open and adventurous about sex now and reading erotica is no longer taboo. Not only that, we can expect a surge of little babies called Christian and Anastasia in the not too distant future.

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