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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Fun of Fancy Dress Costumes

There are only certain occasions where a fancy dress costume is acceptable. Although it would be fun, you cannot go round dressing up as your favourite film character all year round! Halloween, Christmas and birthday parties are a few events where it is cool to get all dressed up. It is an especially good plan when there is an overall theme for guests to follow. If you are the host or simply a guest to a party, there is definitely some research needed in advance to make sure your outfit and theme will create a night to remember!

The host of a fancy dress party has many decisions to make. If it is coming up to a special birthday you need to think a few months beforehand of what to do. Choosing a fancy dress theme can be really fun. There are so many options to choose from online. Picking something with a broad theme such as movie stars or an era like the 70's, gives guests a wide area to explore. This will mean not finding two embarrassed John Travolta's from Saturday Night Fever! If a decision has been made upon something more specific such as Star Wars or Super Mario, try to pick out which character each guest can attend as.

One of the most important pre party items to plan is the invitations. Create some on the computer with a fancy background and pictures of your theme. If you are choosing the characters, customise the images so your guests will get the hint. Clearly state that fancy dress is required so those people who try to worm their way around it cannot make up an excuse. Maybe include a prize for best dressed to encourage that bit of extra effort put in.

The next point is to plan the venue. If you have hired out a large space you need to think about how decorations. Creating Batman's lair or the Glee school classroom will not happen overnight. Purchase some props or make your own. Also take into consideration what music to play. It will have to suit the taste of the guests, of course yourself and also throw in a few popular tunes to remind people what kind of party they are attending.

If you are a guest who has then received their invite, the fun of looking for a costume can begin! Pretending to look like someone else for a night can be a lot of fun. As well as trying to imitate the look of whoever you are going as, try and get a bit creative so your outfit stands apart from the rest. Buying ready made outfits online is fantastic with the wide choice on offer today. Take a good look at who you are going as. Bought outfits will no doubt miss out small details that you could then craft together. Of course, once you are there with everyone dressed matching the theme you will have fantastic photos to remember the night and have a brilliant time!

Samantha Brown is an experienced author who specialises in costumes and enjoys sharing her thoughts and interests with you. The websites recommended by Samantha have been chosen by herself from her own personal experiences. Take a look at fancy dress costumes and buy online today.

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