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Friday, August 17, 2012

One Degree Away From Success or Failure

"You are too close to Quit!"

You must celebrate the short victories.

Sometimes our expectations are so high that we don't do anything at all or quit in the middle of the process.

You are truly one degree away from success or failure.

Stop looking for 360 degree turn around because while it sound good you really just end up at the same place you started. Think about it.

That's good news right? Your half way there! Just think at the max you are 180 degrees a way from the successful place that you desire.

Give yourself the benefit of the doubt; you will not go from zero to 180 overnight.

Serve yourself right and shoot for one degree of change at a time.

You see I have had to make adjustments in many areas of my life. For the most part I have made the transitions more difficult than necessary. Not on purpose, but because I didn't know how to appreciate increase I have created a pattern of quitting too soon. Not to be confused with using wisdom to do something else when things aren't right.


My entire life has been results oriented and if I didn't reach the desired goal or result I felt like I failed. Many of you have probably had similar exchanges in things that you have sought after in life.

One of the most challenging things that I personally have had to work on was my marriage.

When I say this area of my life has provided the most challenges I am not exaggerating in the least bit.

My wife and I have been married for 5 years (6 in December), 3 ½ of which were pretty tough. We constantly were at odds and there were obvious changes that had to be made. A decision had to be made first before anything positive would occur. So that brings me to step 1 make the decision to have success.

Next I had to develop a bigger purpose that would make me take responsibility to accomplish something and take the focus off the end result. In this case it was my covenant with God.

I want you to think of this part like mixing the ingredients. If you are baking a cake you know the objective is to provide a "delicious baked treat."


However before you get there you must do certain behaviors before you get your desired result. Whether you buy boxed cake mix or make it from scratch there are certain ingredients that must go into this creation before you get to your desired result. You have to add flour, eggs, milk, oil, etc. The point is when you crack that first egg and put it into the mixing bowl you would be a fool to ask "is it cake yet."

Hungry or not the cake isn't ready and you have to keep mixing the ingredients.

If you skip a step you will not have the right consistency.

So the key here is not only to do the right behaviors or steps but to do the right amount so that you can have the right consistency.

In achieving success each ingredient gets you closer to your desired result and in the process you develop great habits even more reason why you shouldn't quit at this point. Must I remind you that you are way too close to quit?

So now that you are doing all the right small steps or behaviors aka mixing the ingredients you get a chance to taste the success. LOL

You have not reached your goal yet nor is it cake yet. But guess what? You can put the spoon in the bowl and taste it before it goes into the oven.

I encourage you all to taste success before you achieve it. Why?

Because it flat out makes you hungrier and in your mind you can actually see it as being done. This is way too late in the game to quit.

I challenge you to start dream building and go out and put the images of success in your brain.

(Pack a box, test drive the Bentley, write out the check, type your two week notice, write out your vowels, etc.)

You have tasted the batter it is delicious why would you throw away the batter and all you have left is to put fire to it and give it some time?

The hard part is over but timing is still of the essence. You have created habits that are reward enough. Have you noticed a habit good or bad is usually done effortlessly?

It's time to but your batter in the pan and on to the oven. Who said that effortless activity cant make you quit?

This part while easier than the prepping part, it is just as important. You must pay extra attention to make sure you don't burn your cake.

Don't start doing too much you are baking at 350 don't turn the oven up higher to shortcut the process. This sometimes is where many people quit. They have tasted what success is going to be like but because they have done all the right stuff and it's not ready they start to make unnecessary adjustments and try to shortcut the process.

Keep doing what the directions told you and when the timing is right there won't be any "wet batter on the tooth pick." Time to come out the oven!

This part can also be challenging you have taken the cake out on time meaning the timing is right but you must wait until the cake cools down before you take it out the pan or cut into it.

This, my friend is delayed gratification you have smelled the deliciousness and you are having to wait for something you feel like you've worked hard for and deserve. Well trust me my friend whether you have a non-stick pan or not if you don't let that cake cool down before you take it out the pan and eat it your cake will fall apart or burn you.

A little more time is worth it. Keep at it and give yourself a chance to have success and remember while you are so close to success one wrong move can lead to failure.

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