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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Strip Clubs - What Not To Do When You Go

In general, strip clubs are usually fairly laid back places to visit. After all, this isn't Disney World. This is an establishment that, while it enjoys a rich history in the United States and around the world, certainly isn't quite "mainstream." It's adult entertainment for people who would rather watch beautiful women dance than sit at your average bar staring at the mirror. On the other hand, to say there are no rules would certainly be a mischaracterization. Most places have very strict rules to follow. Disobey them, and you'll be asked to leave. There are some other, unwritten rules, though, that you should be just as careful to avoid breaking.

Don't Stare At Others

When a person makes their first foray into the strip clubs, they expect the etiquette to be more or less the same as any other bar. While staring would probably fall into the "don't do that" category at any public place, it is to be especially avoided at these establishments. No matter how high-scale the place, there is a certain level of embarrassment that comes with visiting for some people. And these people don't want to feel as though they're on display. This is especially true when there is something that should be worth more of your attention on the stage.

Avoid Excessive Chatting

It's only natural to start talking to the dancers when they come over to you. That's fine, but many men take it far past the natural state. These men fall into one of two categories. One, they are uncomfortable and just want to bring some normalcy into the situation by chatting about this or that. This is understandable. The other category is men who believe they have a chance. There's nothing wrong with flirting with the dancers. That is, after all, somewhat of the point. Getting aggressive about it or trying to get phone numbers is another matter entirely. Save your pride, avoid embarrassment, and give the dancers a break. Leave your game face at home and just enjoy the entertainment.

Don't Be Cheap

You don't need to take out a second mortgage to afford a night out at the strip clubs, but you also shouldn't look at it as a night of cheap entertainment, either. Even if you have little interest in getting a lap or table dance, you should be at the stage, handing out tips. Make sure you bring plenty of ones. The dancers, and the management, take a dim view of those who arrive with a tight grip on their wallet.

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