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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

TTC Video - Psychology of Human Behavior (2012)

TTC Video - Psychology of Human Behavior (2012)
TTC Video - Psychology of Human Behavior (2012)
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Genre: Psychology & Behavior | Language: English
The Psychology of Human Behavior is an outstanding introduction to the field of psychology, beginning with its historical context and looking ahead to some of the directions it is likely to take in the future. Though the course is not intended to be an in-depth exploration of this constantly evolving discipline, its 36 lectures work smoothly as an easy-to-follow primer and offer the ideal starting point for satisfying curiosity about how the mind works, the perspectives from which that question can be approached, and directions for further learning.

Course Lecture Titles

36 Lectures
30 minutes / lecture

Modern Psychology in Historical Context
Experimentation as a Research Method
Nonexperimental Research Methods
Evolutionary Theory and Modern Psychology
Freud?s Thinking
Details of Psychoanalytic Theory
Classification of Mental Illnesses
Anxiety and Mood Disorders
Disorders of Brain, Body, Self, Drugs, Sex
Schizophrenic Disorders
Childhood, Retardation, Personality Disorders
Physical Therapies?Drugs
Physical Therapies?ECT, Surgery, Genes
Talking Therapies?Psychoanalysis
Therapies?Humanistic, Cognitive, Group
Behavior Therapies?Classical Conditioning
Behavior Therapies?Operant Conditioning
Models of Motivation
Emotion?What Do We Measure?
Psychoactive Drugs?Processes, Stimulants
Drugs?Depressants, Narcotics, Hallucinogens
Social Psychology?Influence and Reciprocity
Social Psychology?Additional Mechanisms
Simple Learning?Classical Conditioning
Simple Learning?Operant Conditioning
Complex Learning
Memory?Memory Aids and Forgetting Theories
Perception?Forming Internal Models
Perception?Finding and Organizing Cues
Evolutionary Psychology?Basic Concepts
Evolutionary Psychology?Altruism and Mating
Evolutionary Psychology?War, Family, Food
Engineering Psychology
Recap, Omissions, and Into the Future

TTC Video - Psychology of Human Behavior (2012)
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