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Friday, August 24, 2012

Old Yet Modern - That Is Original Art of Australia

The Australian art was practiced by the natives of Australia and they can be traced back to about 50,000 years. They were basically a nomadic people who depended on hunting for their livelihood. They also practiced art which was restricted to stone carving and bark painting. The art was created using some basic figures and body painting was also practiced by them. Though this art form has faced much abuse through the ages, it has managed to survive and is presently getting the recognition it deserved. They capture the viewers by their repeating patterns which are simple yet attractive and rich.

The original art in Australia can be dated back to 30,000 years, which can be found even today on the rocks throughout the nation. These have been protected by UNESCO and are preserved monuments. The Australian skills mainly concentrates on nature and were limited to rock art and painting on the bark of the huge trees. This is one of the most ancient surviving art. They mainly consisted of three types such as

Geometric stylesConcentric circlesArcs and dots

Each type is restricted to a particular area in Australia and it is amazing to see so many art work being created using some simple geometric figures, circles and dots. They used natural earthy colors mainly based on nature, animals and human beings. They also painted their bodies, during festivities. The original art is alive even today through the art Gallery and they are very much in demand. The Indigenous skills included

Rock PaintingBark PaintingRock EngravingStone arrangement

Indigenous skills are practiced by contemporary artists to keep the art alive and also the culture through the art. The original art always had a touch of mythology and was related to the 'Dreamtimes'. One can conclude that without these two facts, any art is not original. They also had some spiritual message conveyed through the art.

The original skill has great demand and is highly popular not only in Australia but worldwide. Though the skill is thousands of years old, it attracts the present day generation also. The reason being the designs which are pleasing and aesthetically good. There are many art galleries which have great collections and most of the art galleries in Australia have a section dedicated to the original Australian knack. The contemporary artists are contributing greatly in keeping this most ancient art alive through their works. The original art has lived through the ages owing to its unique design, simple and pleasing patterns and creativity involved in making it.

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