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Friday, August 17, 2012

Rules Of Prayer

I grew up in a Christian home attending morning and evening weekly services, choir practice on Saturdays and never missing Sunday school and Sunday Services. Ours was a church of prayer as other denominations refer to it. Revival meetings were organized almost every week. I attended such revivals and was one of the active participants. I was either leading the choir or was interpreting the pastors' sermon in a traditional dialect to those who do not understand or speak the English Language and vice versa. Most of the time, I do both task.

In my observation of the various services and revival meetings, I noticed that for almost five (5) years, the same prayer points were been rendered. No addition, no subtraction. During such prayer meetings or revival services, the pastor would frown at whoever did not shout at the top of his voice. He would sometimes mention the person's name saying

"Mr. Peter, you better raise your voice and shout out your prayer. Do not allow the devil to cover up your prayer, stop praying like a gentleman. Shout!!!"

Precisely, the prayer points always include the following:

a) Prayer for Blessing and Promotion

b) Prayer for protection against Sudden and Premature death

c) Prayer for Journey Mercy

d) Prayer for the death of the enemies and disruption of their plans

e) Prayer for the pregnant women to give birth safely without any complication

Did the members ever receive the answer to their prayers? Let's take a look at the following statistics and you provide the answer.
Prayer for Blessing and Promotion

98% of the congregation were still struggling to live above the average class98% could not afford three square meals in a day.98% could not move from their one room apartment to live in a flatOnly 1% could afford to buy a fairly used underrated car.Prayer for Protection from illness and against Sudden or Premature Death and Journey MercyAbout 75% were involved in an accident (I was one of them)About 10% died prematurely (My mother was one of them)A bout 78% fell sick most often (The pastor was one of them)About 95% were still entangled in the web of the so called enemy

Prayer for Death of the enemies and Disruption of their plans
I personally do not render this prayer because the Scripture did not ask us to curse but to bless those that curse us. Job said I did not sin by praying for the death of my enemies (I will write on this in another post)

Prayer for the Pregnant Women to Give Birth Peacefully without any Complications

At least 30% had complications

Now we can ask ourselves these questions

Didn't God hear their cry of supplications to HIM? Of course HE did.
Did HE choose to turn a deaf ear to their prayers? Maybe, maybe not. But, one thing is sure the hand of the LORD is not too short to deliver us, neither is HIS ear too heavy to hear our cries.

I sat down one day and thought aloud, why do we have to shout at the top of our voices everyday and yet nothing happens. Why do we have to shout and jump up with our heads almost reaching the ceiling and yet no result? Then, a thought came to my mind about the word of Christ which says;

"Watch and Pray"

"Watch and Pray" says Christ Jesus, not Pray and Watch. This particular rule has to be observed every seconds of our life and we must have it in my every time we approach our Heavenly Father in prayer.

Do not pray for journey mercy and defy the rules of traffic
Do not pray for God's blessing and refuse to work for it or share the little you have with those who have nothing.
Do not pray for God's mercy and refuse to forgive those who have wrong you.
Do not pray for God's grace and live your life in sin.
Do not pray for God's protection and look other trouble
Do not pray for God's mercy and harbor hatred toward your fellow neighbor.
Do not pray for safe delivery of your baby in the womb and refuse to follow your doctor's advice.
Do not pray against sudden premature death while you also pray for the death of your enemies (those who Christ died for. Those who HE has bought with a price to be redeemed back to God).
Do not pray for curses to be broken when you yourself curse other.
Love your neighbor as yourself
When you pray belet your mind and being be like that of a little child.

Once all these rules are observed in love, then our prayers and supplications will surely be heard and we will surely receive an answer from the MERCY THRONE of the ALMIGHTY, because HE IS GOD.

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