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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Strip Clubs And Why Men Like Them So Much

Those not in the know often have a certain picture of the men who enjoy going to strip clubs. They imagine sleazy guys in trench coats and wide-brimmed hats, sneaking through a dark parking lot with sunglasses hiding a face covered in a week's worth of grizzled chin fur. In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. Take a trip to one of the preeminent nude establishments in town and you'll find guys of all stripes taking in the entertainment. You'll even see a few women joining in the fun. But what is it about these places that men like so much? Let's examine the issue.


Women in relationships often have the hardest time understanding why their men want to go to strip clubs. After all, are they not getting enough of what they need at home? But for most men, it has little to do with comparing the girls on stage with the woman they love. It has everything to do with freedom. And that's not just freedom from the "shackles" of a committed relationship. It's freedom from everything: the grind of a daily job, the responsibilities awaiting them at home, and the expectations society puts on a man. For just a few hours, all of that can be put aside. Does that make it okay for a guy to spend every night watching strippers instead of spending it with his wife? Probably not, but it's an insight.

Pressure Release

Everyone needs a way to blow off steam. Our lives today are filled with pressure. Pressure to get ahead at work, to raise good children, to keep the lawn looking the way it should. Some people release this pressure by lifting weights. Others prefer video games or sitting down with some crochet. And some men prefer to go to the strip clubs to release that valve. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone, why should it matter? Exotic dancers provide the ultimate in harmless adult entertainment. If it allows a man to forget about all of that weight on his shoulders for a few hours, it can hardly be demonized.

Male Bonding

While some men may like to visit strip clubs on their own, it's safe to say that most would rather go with a group of their friends. This is male bonding in its purest form. Guys are raised differently. To sit around talking about feelings and philosophy would be very unusual for the typical group of men. Instead, it's like a first date. You need something to do that doesn't include actually having to talk to each other for extended periods of time. Strip clubs fill this role in an almost perfect way.

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