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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Entertaining With Other Campers Enhances Your RV Experience

Our family loves our RV experiences when we're venturing solo. We also enjoy RV trips with our friends. We have our annual Doheny State Beach RV trip every April. When the snow flies here in the mountains we count down to our time at the beach with friends.

Most of us are busy prior to the vacation so it's not until we arrive that we catch up on conversations and happenings. After we share our 'you won't believe what happened to me on the way here' stories we start talking plans: surfing, shell collecting, running, bocce and of course food. Occasionally we'll have an immediate meal already planned for our first day of arrival. Still we look forward to menu pooling amongst our friends: creating meals jointly that allow us to try new foods and preparations and keeps us from preparing multiple course meals. Plus, cooking in an RV can be a bit tight especially when limited in cooking appliances: we leave the convection and toaster oven at home. So we know that even though we have grocery shopping nearby, we'll have to be smart about how we create our meals: duck confit may be out, but easy fish tacos are a must as are burgers and even pizza off the grill (delicious!).

We suggest a type of meal for the evening and then each one of us takes on a component of the meal. For example, if we decide burgers is what we're all up for: we'll volunteer the fixings, the condiments and the veggie burgers. Others will jump in with: buns, cheese, side dishes, plates, cutlery, and etcetera. We decide on a time and an outside location and then get to our campers so that we can prepare for the evening. It shortens our preparation time by only having to provide for a portion of a meal and allows us to enjoy the fun part: socializing and enjoying our surroundings.

Sometimes we'll even offer a roundabout potluck schedule: appetizers and Mai Tai's at "Needs a Break", shrimp Caesar at the "Peterson Mobile" and s'mores and fire at "The Lazars". Participating in group meals keeps RV vacation life spontaneous simple and fun. Plus when camping, food always tastes good.

So go ahead and join your neighbors or friends in creating meals at your next RV destination. By keeping the meals plans simple, you'll enjoy the company and introduction to new food preparations and so will they. Bon Appetit!

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