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Friday, August 17, 2012

What Is It About Christian Grey That Makes Women Turn to Putty?

Seattle's CEO bad boy Christian Grey has become nearly every woman's bedroom fantasy. What is it about the mysterious Mr. Grey that makes him so appealing - his supermodel good looks or his billion-dollar bank account? While on a superficial level these are undeniably attractive traits, but the attraction is more complex than that. Women are sexual creatures and as a result, it's only natural that we want to feel sexy too! The media bombards us with perfect and airbrushed women, which in turn makes us feel insecure about our bodies and leaves us feeling very unsexy indeed.

What men need to understand is when it comes to flattery; a little goes a long way! Christian Grey is never shy with his complements, and never hesitates to tell Ana how beautiful she is, he certainly doesn't hold back on making Ms. Steele feel pretty good. The "women are attracted to money" logic is only partially true. It's not necessarily the bank account that makes Christian so irresistible, but rather his competence. There is nothing attractive about a loafer who sits on the couch swigging beer and watching TV. Mr. Grey is capable and always takes care of business. One reason he's so rich is because he knows what to do and how to do it.

Christian Grey always makes sure Ana is taken care of, and who doesn't like being looked after? While us women love our independence and freedom, we also love being pampered. Christian always makes sure Ana eats well, but he goes beyond that - making sure someone deals with the cooking and the laundry. Christian also looks out for Anastasia's safety and makes sure she's always safe. But there is something in a woman's nurturing nature to take care of someone. Christian Grey is a man with a damaged past who clearly has been hurt a lot, and what Ana sees in him is the opportunity to soothe and comfort him with love. He's a broken thing waiting to be fixed - catnip to most women. Then there is the sex and the romance! Christian Grey's red room of pain may not be something we're all into, but his ability to satisfy Ana's sexual needs is something most of us envy. But he combines the kinky sex with a healthy dose of romance - candle lit dinner to flying in a glider at sunrise. So there is more to the Christian Grey appeal than his looks, money and even kinky fetishes. Women are drawn to Christian because he's the kind of man to satisfy our personal needs.

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