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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Mayans Never Predicted the Destruction of This World

The Mayans never predicted the destruction of this world. According to their ancient records the humanity will enter a new era of higher consciousness.

Science so far confirms most of ancient Mayans calculations. According to famous physicist Dr.Paul LaViolette there are many violent explosion occurring in the center of the galaxy. In 1983 he warned the scientific community about the energy super waves.

Today is scientifically accepted that these galactic explosions do happen even though the center of our galaxy is not visible from our space telescopes.

This phenomenon happens to other galaxies too. Quasars are a characteristic example. Scientists also discovered that the energy blasts happen in cycles, especially the large ones between 13.000 - 26.000 years. If we connect this with the ancient Mayans predictions about the fifth sun reappears every 26.000 years it's very unlikely to be a coincidence.

So far they couldn't discover the components of this super wave energy beam. Some scientists believe that they are Gamma rays, some other photons, but no one can confirm the elements of the beam.

This energy beam will surround the sun. It will affect the whole solar system. The next step is the increasing of Sun's surface temperature. This effect will produce massive solar winds and dangerous solar flares on Earth.

Consequently, the nexus event at windows7ultimatekey will cause the Sun to start behaving like a T Tauri star. These stars are surrounded by clouds of interstellar gas and dust and become extremely bright because of the increasing activity of the corona.

Friendly extraterrestrials have made revelations with their advanced crop messages they designed the past decades. Their messages contain Mayan symbolism and they measure the time according to the "Long Count Calendar" and "Sun-Venus Calendar" exactly the same as ancient Mayas and Aztecs in Central America did long time ago.

There are many indications the climate and temperature will increase to our solar system and the extreme will happen when we will have the perfect alignment with the galactic center on 21 December 2012.

Unfortunately the "Elite" knows about this phenomenon but it has all the information buried from the public. They have constructed large underground bases to accept thousands of the highly government's officials and they will use the RFID chip technology to mark each individual who will move there.

Will the Aliens officially land before December 21, 2012?Nobody can answer that, but they have increased their presence massively. Our space telescopes have traced huge planetoids, larger than Earth orbiting around the sun. They are not comets, meteors or other planets and they follow intelligent patterns in their orbit. For example smaller crafts leave the planetoid and later reenter it.

According to ancient Mayans and other ancient traditions in 21-12-2012 will not be the end of our world but the start of the new era. They refer to the "golden age". They teach that we will meet our ancestors form other Wolds. We will connect with the galaxy and engage the universal consciousness which has been pulled out for centuries. Our bodies will change and we will have huge leap in our evolution.

Much information has been revealed about our DNA. We don't have two strands of DNA but twelve. The other ten strands are deactivated. These ten strands are the 97% of our DNA which medical science considers it unknown (couldn't penetrate it) and call it "junk DNA".

It's very possible that the nexus event, this huge energy beam, will transform us and change us into a new species. Does it sound like science fiction? We must wait.

Science fiction of today is the reality of tomorrow.

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