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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The History of Computer Animation

Computer animation is fascinating and has a long history that will interest anyone that wants to be involved with this style of animation. The animation in America was highly influenced by European animators during the 19th century. As the popularity of the motion picture increased, animation was developed further. 3D animation took the level of animation one step further, and helped to enhance the overall experience.

The basic concept of the comic strip can be seen as far back as 2000 BC on many Egyptian walls as decoration. Throughout successive panels, the pictures would tell a story, and have exciting graphics ensuring that you can fully understand the story. There were many different styles of basic animation used for several years. However, the invention of the motion camera and projector brought animation to life.

During the early years, the animation was incredibly basic, and nothing like the incredible animation we have today. Although the designs were simple, audiences were fascinated with the fact that basic drawings could come to life. The instant appeal soon wore off and during the early twenties people were tired of this style of animation. Movie makers looked for fresh, new ideas, to capture the audiences.

The concept of key frame was soon developed and what was considered as the first motion picture was made. The concept of key frame was developed and improved rapidly, allowing the speed rate and animation that was seen to be quicker. Computer animation was still a long way off; however, significant developments were taking place.

Walt Disney is of course the person who changed the direction of animation. His creative side allowed developments to be made that people never thought were possible. Through the ability to develop computer animation, people could enhance 3D computer animation. Walt Disney produced he first ever feature length animated movie, and never looked back.

The industry took a gigantic leap and was revolutionized in the early 1970's and continued to improve in leaps and bounds. The first movie to use computer animation was Westworld in 1973, which was incredible to watch. The technology and process behind the animation was developed even further by Pixar. This incredible company ensured that by the time they released their first animated movie, it was destined to be an enormous success.

Pixar soon became the pioneering company within the industry, and anyone who wanted to be a part of the new generation of computer animation wanted to work for this company. Pixar always aspired for greater things, and their goal was developing the animation even further. 3D computer animation was not simply a dream to them, and the process was always being developed. Following the impressive success of Toy Story, Pixar quickly went onto make more 3D computer animated movies.

Computers and imaginations have both developed and grown to ensure that future animations are incredible. From the humble beginnings of the animations that were so popular, they are now spectacular. There are very few movie companies that do not use computer animation in some form in their movies.

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