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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Nightclub Dress Codes

Going out to a nightclub with your buddies can be a great way to enjoy the weekend. You can get away from work and responsibility and instead enjoy dancing and drinks until the wee hours of the night. There are probably several different local options to choose from and if you want, you could visit a different one every weekend. But before you head out, be sure to check and make sure that what you are wearing will get you through the door. For a variety of different reasons, a nightclub may have a strict dress code that will need to be adhered to.

Don't Even Bother

There are some items that are not going to make it past the door no matter what. This list includes clothing and shoes that are often considered to be fashionable anywhere else, but in the nightclub setting, they are out. For example, don't bother putting on your baggy jeans. While some facilities suggest that they are too "sloppy" others just assume that pants dragging along the floor could be a safety hazard. Either way, make sure your jeans fit.

Items associated with sports are often prohibited as well. This includes jerseys and, in some cases, hats. While a fedora may be allowed, there is no way that you are getting in with a baseball cap. Just leave it at home and save yourself the trouble. Also, tennis shoes are typically not acceptable. Again, this may be to prevent a sloppy look in the nightclub, or there may be other reasons for the ban, but either way this one is worth checking online before you make your plans. If you show up wearing tennis shoes, you aren't going to be allowed in, and if you take them off you're still not going to get past the door.


In some cases, just about anything goes. There are no limits to the height of the heels or the length of the skirt. For the most part, women should dress appropriately but there tends to be several different interpretations of the word. Skip the baggy jeans and tennis shoes and make sure that at least the important stuff is covered up to some degree. It is often said that if it looks like you tried, you'll be fine.


Guys tend to have a stricter dress code than women. Some nightclubs are more lenient about what they accept, so if you have never been to the place, consider researching. If you have a friend that has been there before, don't hesitate to call him up and ask about the dress code rules. More exclusive locations may prevent men from walking in with t-shirts and insist upon some type of collared shirt. Others will be more relaxed. Just make sure you know the rules before you leave the house.

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