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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Learn to Draw Cartoons: Keep It Simple

Drawing is a wonderful hobby, and drawing cartoons can be a fun hobby for anyone, at any age! You can draw cartoons anywhere - on the bus, in the subway, waiting at the airport, sitting in the doctor's office. It's great to carry a small sketchbook with you, but you can also draw cartoons on just about any scrap of paper you find. There's no need to start a "masterpiece." You can just get out your favorite pencil and begin.

Learning to draw cartoons, like any other art, is all about doing. Yes, you need some basic instruction to get started, but you have to apply those instructions by practicing constantly. You may have noticed that people who love to draw are constantly drawing! They don't just think about it, dream about it, talk about it, or wish they could do it. They spend time at it every day - very often they will grab a pencil and a piece of paper anytime their hands are not busy with something else.

When you learn to draw cartoons, the whole world becomes your model. Cartoons are based on real life. A good cartoon will highlight or exaggerate some aspect of every day life that we can all recognize and relate to, bringing out the humor beneath the surface. If you find yourself chuckling over ordinary things, or seeing the hidden joke that no one else "gets," you might make a very good cartoonist. Learning to draw cartoons gives you the tools to open up that world of hidden humor for others, helping them to see the ridiculous and the unexpected.

Learning to draw cartoons can be a great personal outlet. Some people like to keep a journal, or write poetry, or compose songs; maybe your thing will be drawing cartoons, developing characters of your own that become unique and familiar friends. If you would like to share your art with other people there are so many great ways to do that nowadays. It's fairly easy to set up your own website or blog where you can post your drawings; there are even special WordPress themes for posting cartoons. You can begin with a service that doesn't cost anything.

You can also scan your drawings into a computer and compile them into a digital book that can be shared with anyone who has a smart phone, a digital reader or tablet computer. There are so many ways to share your art that don't cost anything. If you find that many people enjoy your drawings, or you get lots of comments on your skill, then you can explore other possibilities for getting them published.

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