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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Infographic Animation A New Way To Communicate With Your Clients

Infographic animation combines information and graphics together. That is, it is communication of information in graphical form. The object behind Infographic animation is to simplify the communication of large as well as complex data which is otherwise difficult to communicate. In this kind of animation, data is not conveyed alone but is accompanied with sounds, moving images and photographs etc. They are shown to move in from different directions to make the viewers engaged to them thoroughly. This helps the sender and receiver of data to communicate faster and in a simpler way.

Videos using Infographic animation can be used to impart education, give training and instructions etc. They can also be used to give demonstration of statistical products, such as that of insurance or banking sector. By adding them to a website, textual need of a website can be reduced considerably. Plus, they can also make traffic to a website flow faster than ever.

To create animation come alive in a video, following points are to be considered:

1. The video should be short. A long video adversely affects its viewership as these days everyone wants to get informed quickly and conveniently. A short, crisp and convincing video delights as it informs.

2. Know your target audience. It is highly recommended to know your target audience. A video made without knowing the target audience is just like shooting the arrow without knowing the target.

3. These videos should be backed with the right script. A right script compliments such videos. They enhance the overall effect of the video.

4. Such videos must be simple yet interactive in its appeal. This means that the video should have a balance of animation and message. There should not be such a heavy use of animation that the message of the video gets downplayed. The idea is that the message of the video should be clear to everyone.

5. The characters in such videos must inspire viewers to express a certain kind of emotion to make them share such videos with more and more people.

6. It is also important to give such videos a shape of a story so that the video not only informs but also entertains at the same time.

7. The overall effect of such videos should be such that they succeed in creating an image into the minds of viewers

8. An animated video makes it easier to achieve the marketing objectives of a company.

Videos with Infographic Animation has today proved to be a boon for the businesses dealing in large monumental data. The best way to streamline the load of ever increasing data is to create animation video which is informative and interactive at the same time.

Sunny Arora
Video Production Company
From Broadcast2world

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